Bands and Musicians:

Amanda Green - She just released her third album. Congratulations, Amanda!

Andy Tubman - The best male singer in Los Angeles, bar none!

The Pawn Rook Four - A great band from Gainesville, FL.

Eric Alexandrakis - A cool guy with funky music. 'Nuff said.

Mara - If Janis were alive today, she'd be jealous of Mara's voice.

Christina Fasano - The name of her site is Funky White Girl. I think that says it all.

Matt Zuber - Musician, author.


Freak Show Films Animation - A San-Fransisco based animation company. No relation to us, but cool name.

Slipstream Presents - A smorgasboard of sound. video, MP3 files, streaming audio, and a haven for indie music fans. Run by the man who plays every instrument ever invented, Matthew Sabatella.

Scout International - Resource for unsigned/undiscovered talent to have their music showcased.

The Works of Tim Powers- John Berlyne's excellent fan site for all things Tim Powers.

The Digging Anubis - For even more Tim Powers information.

Dalin Music Promotion - Management and promotion services for musicians.Odd Man Out - ABC TV's site. We recently shot all the location footage for this show.

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